A Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Kelly, the founder of this here website (gosh, founder sounds very serious) and I thought I would put a post up so you can see what it looks like and learn a little bit about me.


What is The Oh Four?

The Oh Four is a place that celebrates Wellington’s characters who make the city so awesome. I want to talk to artists, brewers, civil servants, musicians, shopkeepers – anyone who lives in Wellington really.

What I do most of the time… 

I spend way too much time online, I’m @_kellydare on Twitter if you’re curious about my life. I hang out a lot at Goldings Free Dive, go to a lot of theatre and shows around the place and wish I had more time to watch films. I’m incredibly passionate about flamingos and also run a blog called Cider and Music which is usually playlists of what I’m listening to at any given time.

You can also learn a bit more about me here

Quickfire Sentence Finish… 

Favourite spot in Wellington…. Goldings Free Dive, Fryberg Beach and the Massey Memorial

Favourite TV show… The West Wing, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, Doctor Who and Fringe

Top three films…. Independence Day, The Goonies and The Godfather. This week anyway.

Best coffee in town? Gentlemen’s Beans and Peoples

Favourite meal… Brunch. Usually from Duke’s.