Daniel Boobyer


Daniel Boobyer once described his music as being akin to that of a 2000-year-old hurricane caught in a blues musical. As well as playing a variety of instruments, he’s the kind of guy who talks about building a record press and is just one of life’s good people to be around.

Listen to his music while you read his interview

Let’s do the basics first: name/what you do when you’re not working?
Daniel Boobyer, When I finish work I like to eat and drink coffee, the rest of my time is usually spent writing songs and practising for gigs and taking photos or drawing.

What’s an upcoming project that you’re jazzed about?
I have been making music on my own for a while now, so I am excited about the prospect of recording an album with a full band.

You’ve recently released an album independently. Can you tell us a bit about the challenges and joys of making your own record?
Making my own records has been a really gratifying process, I like to make albums to help keep my songs somewhere I can find them and this process helps me move forward. The most challenging parts for me have been finding the right places to write and record music, as well as editing my work.

What do you wish people knew about creativity?
That there isn’t much to know, for me its always been about finding new ideas and experiences.

Where do you take visitors to Wellington?
Cafes, restaurants, Oriental bay, and if its a nice day the Massey Memorial.

A recent discovery?
I have recently rediscovered my eye for photography after a long hiatus to pursue music.

What’s the best piece of advice ever given to you?
You have two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you talk.

Where’s your favourite spot in Wellington?
I don’t bowl but I really like the Mt Vic Bowls Club