Izzy Lomax


Izzy is one of those people who’s energy always amazes me. Currently working with the Green Party, she also volunteers at the Wellington Women’s Refuge AND studies Linguistics. She’s also pretty damn cool and incredibly switched on.

All right, let’s do the basics first: name/where do you work/what you do when you’re not working

Izzy Lomax/ Parliament, for the Green Party and as a volunteer crisis worker for Wellington Women’s Refuge/ I study Linguistics (I have an awesome boss who is letting me finish my degree while working), do the 22yo equivalent of Dad dancing, and watch way too much American tv.

What’s an upcoming project that you’re jazzed about?

I’m pretty jazzed about my good friend Polly project managing setting up a safe house for Shakti ethnic women’s refuge. Previously Wellington hasn’t had a crisis service or safehouse that is specifically targeted at providing culturally appropriate support to Asian, African and Middle Eastern women who are experiencing domestic violence. I’m going to be cheeky and mention that like all NGOs they’re run on a shoestring and could really use your donations of money or goods – see http://shakti-international.org/donate-to-shakti/ or contact wlg@shakti.org.nz.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing young people this year?

I should start by saying that I think climate change is the biggest issue facing young people this century let alone this year. Other than that, I think the issue of housing affordability is pretty huge.

Where do you take visitors to Wellington?

Usually to Copperfields Cafe in Parliament,  for the novelty of it (ok who am I kidding, it’s so I don’t have to stray too far from work). Or if it’s the weekend, coffee at Memphis Belle or brunch at Olive or Charlie Bill’s,  a walk at Red Rocks, and maybe a drink and some pizza at Goldings.

What current event is currently occupying your mind?

The missing flight MH370. The mystery, the rumours, the human element – which pilot or passenger could have wanted to do this? The reluctance of authorities to release information…. Not knowing what has happened to your loved ones but having to assume the worst – it’s unthinkable.

What’s the best piece of advice ever given to you?

Ask forgiveness, not permission

Where’s your favourite spot in Wellington?

Under the Pohutukawa tree in my front yard. For best results, enjoy with a cup of coffee, a good book and a sunny day!