Nathan Mudge



1. All right, let’s do the basics first: name/ where do you work/what you do when you’re not working?

Hello! My name is Nathan. I’m a freelance actor so I work all over the country, job-to-job, for a couple of months at a time. When I’m not acting, I lie in bed watching far too much television.


2. What’s an upcoming project that you’re jazzed about?
For the last couple of years I’ve been working all over the country with only a couple of weeks break between jobs, so I haven’t really had my own bedroom. I recently decided it was important to have somewhere concrete to base myself so I rented a room here in Wellington, and I’m really excited about buying things for it and turning it into my own place. Work-wise, I have a couple of things lined up but I’m most excited about taking the play Sunset Road up to Auckland with Tawata Productions in August. I did the premiere season of it back in 2012 at Circa Theatre, and Miria [George, the playwright] has made some radical changes, which I’m really looking forward to seeing play out.
3. What’s something you’re getting really annoyed about at the moment?
There are about twenty slugs that come out at night and go all over the deck. Usually I’d be fine with it, but every time I go out onto it I forget they’re there and accidentally stand on a few. It makes me emotional.
4. What’s your favourite thing about your job?
I’m always visiting new places and meeting new people. It’s also my least favourite thing because often I won’t get to go back to these places or see these people again for a quite a while after.
5. Where do you take visitors to Wellington?
The theatre! BATS or Circa. I’m really proud of the theatre scene here in Wellington and really excited to be back and part of it again. Taking friends and/or family to go see some theatre is an easy way of introducing them to what I do and what I love.
6. What current event is currently occupying your mind?
I try my best not to watch the news because it just makes me upset and anxious. Having said that, I feel like there’s no benefit to being ignorant of what’s happening in the world around me. In the lead up to the election I’ve been paying a lot of attention to what’s happening in government, and the whole Simon Bridges vs the environment debacle has me raging a bit. #SackSimon …actually, #SackNational
7. What’s the best piece of advice ever given to you?
“You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé.”
8. Where’s your favourite spot in Wellington?
To eat: Fidel’s.
To drink: Duke Carvell’s.
To play: BATS or Circa.
Special mention goes to my new bedroom.