Jay Brooker


Let’s start with the basics: name and what you say you do when you meet someone at a party?
My name is Jay, but it’s not my legal first name, cos I don’t like that. I say I do “a lot of things” then that opens the conversation into who knows where and I try to explain that while holding down a day job in corporate/marketing support I also moonlight as a freelance Graphic Designer, photographer and sometimes event manager.

Tell us a little bit about your most favourite thing in the world…
Cherries are my most favourite thing in the world. I can’t explain it, they just are. I also like cats.

What was the first album you ever bought?
Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar. Fo reals.

You’re involved with a production company called Ruby Productions. Can you tell me a bit about this?

Ruby Productions is my baby, I started the business back in 2007 when I started out managing bands. Then I sort of branched out into event and promotion work, it kind of just kept evolving over time and has now morphed to primarily house my freelance design and photography work.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing young people these days?
There are so many options in life, it’s so hard to decide what the next step is for you in anything, work, relationships, education, anything. I think personally I have a lot of things I seek to achieve in life and it’s hard to find a balance without giving up too much. For example, I’d really like to freelance full-time but I’m not in a position to give up my day job cos I need to pay the bills, ya know. It’s hard to get ahead thesedays. Even if you have the drive and passion. Sometimes it takes more than that.

What’s an upcoming project that you’re jazzed about?
I’m collaborating on a website design with a talented web designer/developer friend Kevin McCutcheon; for my partners awesome covers band Superbad. This is ‘jazzy’ to me because web design is not my strong point, but Kev is amazing and really helpful so we’re getting there slowly. It will be the first published web page I’ve had a hand in making.

What’s your favourite spot in Wellington?
The South Coast is my fav, specifically Wahine Park. That area gets the most beautiful ‘golden hour’ of light on Autumn evenings.