Matt Benton

Matt Picture

First off, name and what you say you do when someone asks you at a party?
Matthew Benton aka Mowgli aka The Sensual Hornographer. I say “Im a Baritone Saxophonist”, which is almost always then followed by the question, But what do you do for money?

You’re involved with a couple of bands, The Thomas Oliver Band and The Black Seeds (and probably more) – do you find the different ideas from both bands means you have to be in two different artistic spaces at the same time?
The beautiful thing about being a horn player in this fair city is that you are lucky enough to be able to dabble in many different genres and bands. It can be challenging jumping between creative mindsets however I love the opportunity to be artistically diverse.

What’s an upcoming project that you’re excited about?
Those who know me well know I am a very excitable character. So almost every project and to be fair every thing excites me. Especially music, coffee, snacks and beer. I also recently signed up to be a part of a big swing band again which I cant wait to get amongst.

Who’s someone that you really admire and why? 
Saxophonist wise I really admire Ronnie Cuber, Charlie Parker and Cannonball Adderley. Human wise, Batman.

You trained at the New Zealand Music School, what’s one of the key things you took away from there?
You can actually live off pies from Jalas Dairy, cups of tea, whiskey, beer and practice.

What’s the spot you always take visitors to in Wellington?
Maranui Cafe after an evening out on the township.