Lou Draper

Lou runs Wellington’s dedicated no-bull PR agency, Loud In Public. As a publicist, she’s pretty up with stuff going around town (and is also a super lovely, busy lady with a lot of cool stuff going on).




First of all, the basics: name and what you love to do
My name is Lou and I love to talk and sleep and read and drink coffee and laugh and shop and cuddle my baby girl and hang with friends and family and make plans with my partner.  I love to pretend that I can knit.  I can’t.  Not at all.

You run a business in Wellington, can you tell us a bit about what you do?
I work as a Publicist and I have a brand new agency called LOUD in Public.  PR or Publicity is about getting messages from a business or organisation out to the right audience.  So that could be via the media, or blog posts, or instagrams, or tweeting or word of mouth or events or any other method of communications – there’s so many options!

What’s an upcoming project you’re really excited about?
My current project of possibility is utterly thrilling me right now.  It’s called that, because with my advisors, we’ve been nutting out different scopes and roads and ideas on where my business will go, what it will look like and how I will eventually be the most well known publicist in Wellington for being successfully useful and not for inflated PR fees!

Where’s your favourite place in Wellington to chill out?
Cuba Mall.  My little family and I often go to Cuba on the weekends.  Get some takeout coffees and a fluffy from Plum and sit on the bench near the playground and watch the world go by, while my gorgeous daughter connects with other kids and negotiates the rules of the slide.  Last weekend we were there, there was a creepy looking ghoul figure, just standing outside farmers – completely stationary.  The contrast of squeally happy children and this figure’s perceived discontent was remarkable.

What’s something you wish the whole world knew about?
I wish the whole world knew how mad it was.  This world has humans in it that don’t have enough by far.  They die because of hunger and disease.  They die, while we plan holidays.  It doesn’t make sense to me that 200 young girls can be stolen from their school and we complain that our soy flat white tastes burnt.  The global equality is madness. And I don’t believe the whole world knows the extent of it.  I wish they did and what’s more, I wish we knew what we could do about it.

You’ve got visitors coming to Wellington – where’s the place you are definitely going to take them?
It’s likely that most of my out of towners will have kids in tow.  That’s just where I am in my life right now where everything is kid-centric.  So, I’d take them up the cable car for a run around the botanical gardens.  I’d take them to the Sprig and Fern in Thorndon for curly fries and a beer.  Te Papa would be on my list of things to do, but not till we’d ventured out to Eastbourne for their amazing pizzas at the place with the big grassy area out front.  Maranui and Island Bay Beach would feature for the best sandcastle development contests, too!  I really love this little town!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Breathe in… breathe out.  Nothing else matters.