Hayden and Andy.



OK I first came across these dudes when they made films as part of Moffilaide – a 48 Hour Film Competition team who were/are a big part of the Wellington competition. They’re about to launch their very own action comedy sci-fi web series, The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops. Knowing these dudes, it’s going to be most excellent. Sign up for all the news.

They’ve just released the trailer and you can watch it below. First episode is coming up soon so make sure you like their Facebook page for all the details.


1) Ok first of all, name and what keeps you super busy

H: I’m Hayden J. Weal
A: and I’m Andy Campion
H: and what keeps us busy is making films.
A: yeah, if we’re not finishing one we’re planning the next one.
H: but we both have full time jobs also that aren’t filmmaking so it has to be in our spare time.
2) Tell us a bit about The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops
H: it’s an action comedy sci-fi web series we made.
A: it’s about two detectives, Jack Cannon and Chops, who are from 1987 but they get stuck in 2014 and they have to protect the world from supernatural forces while trying to get back to their loved ones in the 80s.
H: it’s super fun and ridiculous and highly sexually charged.
A: it’s an amazing cross between Miami Vice and Men in Black.
H: yeah, except one billionth of the budget.
A: We shot all five episodes for one thousand dollars. Caleb Carr did all 505 visual effects shots and Hayden did all the music.
H: Save for the incredible theme song by Tom McLeod. We wanted to make something online, that way it’s accessible for anyone anywhere at any time. So it’ll be up on YouTube starting¬†July 24th. There’s a teaser attached somewhere…
A: We had a lot of fun making a series because the audience is going to spend two and a half months getting to know these great characters and going on adventures with them.
3) Who would you say is your biggest influence in film?
H: I’d say Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, the partnership that brought Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz into the world. Clever dudes.
A: Michael Bay. I know everyone hates him but I love him.
4) What’s your favourite part about film?
A: It’s an art form that combines all other art forms into one. Photography, design, music, writing, performance, all culminate in one project and it allows for so much creativity on so many different levels.
H: my favourite part of film is it’s influence. A lot of kids, myself included, have their morals shaped from the choices they see characters make in films. It’s pretty crazy. There’s a lot of responsibility there.
5) Where do you always take visitors to Wellington?
A: the WETA cave. For film buffs come here from out of town, there’s not a lot of filmy stuff for them to see. But the WETA cave is a way to see some of what goes on here in the Wellington film industry.
H: Light House Cinema Cuba is a great spot. And Prefab. Great service at both of those places and they encapsulate the friendly independent feel of Wellington.
6) Weapon of choice?
A: for me, a pun can diffuse any bad situation.
H: A coffee and a few minutes reading a good book. If anyone challenges me to a duel, I recommend them sit down and read some Harry Potter. That sorts anyone out.
7) Favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?
H: me and Andy really like going to films together on Sunday afternoons. I quite like being hungover and watching the latest popcorn guilty pleasure film and getting into it.
A: Hanging out with friends and talking about films. Or going to one and talking about it afterwards. Friends and films. Films with friends.