Richard Falkner

It was when I was going through Facebook photos trying to find one for this article that I realised just how cool Richard Falkner really is. I’m going to let him tell y’all about what he gets up to but suffice to say, it’s a heap of stuff. He’s also just one of those excellent dudes that it’s always cool to run into.

PS I may have chosen this photo specifically for the cat. LOOK AT THAT SMUSH FACE!



1) All right, the basics: name and what you say you do when you meet someone at a party in Aro
My name is Richard Falkner. I day-job at the New Zealand Film Archive, inspecting, repairing and (as of March) scanning film. Working in an archive is a lot more varied and interesting than you might think, it’s really hands-on. It’s a great feeling when you get to see an obscure piece of kiwi history burst back into life for the first time in decades, especially when you see it getting preserved for future generations. Outside of that work I freelance as an actor and do a little sound post and music production, and write stuff (predominantly with Dean Hewison and Sam Dickson from How to Meet Girls from a Distance and The Sleeping Plot).

2) You’re involved in a lot of stuff – what’s an upcoming project that you’re really excited for? 
Well… I have a baby due in early July*, that’s quite a big project. But beyond that… I’ve had an idea for an app that I’m kind of excited about, and I’m trying to get that rolling. Also we’re writing a new feature film, which has been hugely challenging. So I’m looking forward to conquering that!

3) What’s your perfect day out in Wellington?
It would probably involve a walk around the (absolutely un-windy) waterfront by myself on headphones. But then after a little alone time I would catch up with my partner Ruth and we would have a nice meal together. Then we’d lay out a hard-out hit ball course (basically our off-road version of croquet. It involves more swearing at people), and play a bunch of rounds with friends. In the evening we might smoke some food and have a bbq using our wee charcoal grill, and I would definitely not overcook everything.

4) What’s your go-to karaoke song?

5) What do you think of when you think of Wellington?
How much it impressed me as a kid, and what a mecca of creativity it is. Although I think it’s not quite where it used to be… Around the turn of the century there was this golden period; The Lord of the Rings was being produced and everybody in town got their moment to be involved, the local economy was humming, and music was going off. I was just setting off on my creative journey, and that naiveté is probably a big part of the rosy tint I look back on that period with.

6) Who’s someone you admire and why?
I’ve always admired my grandfather because he lived a rich and interesting life and was a great friend. And these days I guess I admire those people who devote themselves to identifying the worlds’ ills and fixing them.

7) Favourite purchase of the last six months?
It’s kind of a guilty pleasure, but I discovered the shoes I had when I was 12 (Airwalk 540 Prototypes), have been re-issued… I bought the last pair on Amazon for $40! I’m having a baby in a month, so I figure it’s treat myself now or forever hold my pieces of shoe together with gaff.

* Since it’s late July and I’m a slacker, Richard and Ruth have had the baby. Winning!