Matt Forsman – the best hairdresser ever (in my humble opinion)

I discovered Matt Forsman after searching long and hard for a hairdresser in Wellington that could measure up to my old hairdresser in London. The love between me and my hairdresser is pretty extreme (or not, depending who you are) – I want someone I can chat to if I want to, who gets that I’m probably one of the most lazy people with my hair ever (I’ve had a fringe for about five years and only just purchased a hairdryer earlier this year) and above all else, doesn’t push product on me. And Matt just fits the bill. Add to that his salon is a glorious minimalist space that plays cool tunes and gives away airplane lollies, it’s just a match made in heaven really. As well as all this? He gives the best haircut I’ve ever had. I can’t recommend enough.

Anyway, I’ll stop raving about him and let him do some talking now.

1) As always, the basics: name and what you tell people you do when you get asked at a party:
Hey! My name is Matt and I’m a hairstylist. I’m into doing simple, beautiful hair, and enjoy seeing my clients leave stoked with their new ‘do!

2) You have your own salon in Wellington, what’s the part you most enjoy about it?
I am really proud of the salon, there are so many things that I enjoy about working there. At the moment we’re trying to build a really cool team and we’re off to a good start, so I would have to say the people I work with are what I enjoy most, they’re pretty awesome!

3) What do you wish people understood about what you do?
I think people have a pretty good idea of what I do in the salon, most of the time I’m working with hair, this is what most people see. The rest of my time is spent doing all the “behind the scenes” stuff, making sure the salon runs smoothly. To be a successful hairstylist you have to be able to manage your time effectively.

4) Tell us what the best piece of advice ever given to you was… 
“Life is not a dress rehearsal”

5) You’ve got visitors coming to Wellington, where would you take them on your perfect day out?
We’ll often use visitors from out of town as an excuse to try out some new bars or cafes! As creepy as it sounds I like to take people to “smell” Moore Wilsons Fresh (also to get some tasty treats but I love the smell of that place, it hits you as soon as you enter, fresh citrus-ey amazingness; I make my friends all stop for a moment and get a good whiff on our way to the bakery counter) On a good day, we’ll sometimes go up to Mt Vic lookout or over to Makara for a dive. Recently when friends visited we all hired rollerblades from Ferg’s and went for a hoon along the waterfront, which was fun!

6) Sum up your life in a song lyric… 
“I get by with a little help from my friends”