Jonny McKenzie

Jonny McKenzie is basically a Wellington institution. Much loved for his work in hospitality (I have friends who still murmur the name of cocktails from Hooch reverently), he’s now working on a sweet looking piece of software called Posboss – I’ll let him talk more about it below.

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1) first of all, name and what you say you do at a party

Jonny McKenzie, I usually find myself behind or next to the make-shift bar mixing & chatting

2) you’ve got some interesting projects coming up with your new business, what’s the one you’re most excited about?

It would definitely be growing our Posboss Heroes program, because it’s so exciting to promote our hospitality legends and the wicked businesses that are using Posboss. It’s that we’re not only working on a really cool piece of software – it’s also enabling us to work with amazing forward-thinking lovers of the trade from across the country. This also means that I can pass on new tips and ideas from the people I meet.

3) what’s your perfect night out in Wellington?

A summer’s Saturday starting with a 5 o’clock cocktail, rolling into a locally produced show, dinner at one of the many bistro style restaurants we are so lucky to choose from & a nightcap cocktail.

4) what do you think of when you think of Wellington?

Creative Collaboration – Wellington is full of incredible cafes, bars & eateries that provide the perfect environment to for people to chat and brainstorm and have creative ideas. The real difference about Wellington though is that after these discussions, Wellingtonians go away and have the drive and the support to make their bright ideas happen. Wellingtonians are happy to help each other and want to see the city grow, and that’s a pretty inspiring environment to work in.

5) who’s someone you admire and why?
Christian McCabe is someone who I have a lot of respect for.
I first meet Christian when he employed me at Matterhorn. From day one he always showed time for his team, provided us with an environment to learn & many years later carried on his support as someone to discuss business and opportunities with, when I opened my first bar.

6) what do you wish people understood about what you do?
I started Posboss because of my own frustration with traditional Point of Sale. My drive for Posboss is to help those who have decided to invest their time & money into hospitality, with a tool that gives them confidence in their business without the high costs & IT qualifications.

So basically I am here because I love Hospitality & like eating & drinking & want to see it grow.

7) sum up your life in a song lyric

Work it, harder, make it, better, do it, faster, make us, stronger, more than, ever, hour, after, our, work, is never, over