TEDx Special: Sophie Jerram

TEDxWellington is bringing together some of Wellington’s best inspiring ideas, delicious stories and the amazing people who can tell them. Hitting Wellington on 24 August, the event promises to be a huge hit. Over the next couple of days, we’ll be featuring interviews from some of the speakers. You can find them all with the tag TEDx. 
1) first of all, name and what you say you do at a party
Sophie Jerram
I say I’m a curator of public art. And an investor and company director. depending on whose party it is 😉
2) what’s your topic at TEDxWellington?
Creating Generous Cities
3) what do  wish someone had told you when you started out?
Learn to swim in and out of the mainstream.  It’s too tough to swim against the flow all the time.
4) visitors are coming to town, what’s your itinerary for the day?
Great conversation over brunch and then off to participate in the latest public art work we know about
Walk around the hills or sail on the water
Local band /jazz/NZSO concert at night in town
5) what do you think of when you think of Wellington?
A sheltered harbour, good hearts, open minds
6) who’s someone you admire and why?
Susan Sontag, a terrific thinker and writer who wasn’t afraid to take her art to the people
7) sum up your life in a song lyric
I’d do anything for you dear, anything, ’cause you mean everything to me
(spoken to the world)