Delia Gill: Managing Director, IT Engine

Delia Gill is the Managing Director of IT Engine – a company that provides IT solutions to New Zealand businesses.

IT Engine Aug2014-215

1) Name and what you say you do at a party

I don’t do parties – I am a geek and therefore a bit anti social but here is the conversation I had recently when someone asked me that very question.

Question, “so what do you do” ?, I respond ” I am in IT”  “oh so you do websites” ?, No, I am in Infrastructure and Networking {Insert blank look here} further explanation from me ” When you think of IT, Networking and Infrastructure is the road that everything runs on” … so do you do admin for the business ?  No I own it.  Oh so do you work from home ?  No, I have an office in town with 12 staff… {silence}

2) You’re a huge supporter of women in business. What would you say is the biggest challenge facing women in business today?   

Yes I am a supporter of Woman in business but I am a supporter of anyone running a business, it’s damn hard and can be really stressful.  I don’t think that Woman face any more challenges than men do… especially these days.  However in saying that its really interesting that when talking to woman, they are more likely to down play what I do, I find it very funny when I answer the phone at work and have the woman at the other end tell me “oh I doubt the receptionist could help me”

3) What do you wish someone had told you when you started your career?

Don’t limit yourself to your current position, always look around you and learn.  And always dress for the position you want to have.

4) Visitors are coming to town, what’s your itinerary for the day?

The Cable car museum and a nice long walk around the water front with an ice cream

5) What do you think of when you think of Wellington?

Coffee…. Lots of lovely coffee

6) Who’s someone you admire and why?

Hardest question yet… I admire lots of people, and mostly its people that have really pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, come from not much and succeeded, especially if they have not had much of an education.

7) Sum up your life in a song lyric

The first thing that jumped into my head was Take the Long Way Home by SuperTramp. Odd song … but I kinda see it as me never taking the easy path for some reason I have always taken the hardway and therefore it’s a long way home…