Laurie Sanders from The Village Market

The Village Market is a new market opening this weekend in Lower Hutt. With a night market on Friday and then a farmer style market on Saturday and, as if that wasn’t awesome enough, a local food and crafts market on Sunday, the Village Market is sure to become a mainstay of Wellington’s blossoming market style. It’s pretty delightful to see and I’m definitely looking forward to heading out sometime soon.


Hello! first of all, name and what you like to spend most of your time doing?
I’m Laurie Sanders – most people in this industry know me as The Artisan Godfather!  I bought the land that The Village Market lives on a few months ago and have since been curating a wonderful space for everyone to enjoy!

You’re starting The Village Market this weekend in Lower Hutt. What inspired you guys to make this happen?  

I’ve been in the construction business for 40 years and one of my favourite places to visit is the Matakana Market, north of Auckland.  I’ve always wanted to reimagine that market for Wellington so I packed in the construction business and built the market.

Artisan markets are becoming more and more popular, why do you guys think this is?

I think people are sick of mainstream malls and the associated culture that goes with it! It seems more people are tapping into their creative genes (and we’ve all got them!) to not only make and give and enjoy their crafts, but also sell to others.  And, what’s more, people want to buy things that have a story, that tell a tale of how they came to be.  Not just reproduced in the millions and shipped to families by the cargo load.

It’s a sunny, summer day in Wellington and you’ve got visitors in town: where do you take them? 

Well, we’d take them to The Village Market of course! But if they were here during the week and before the Friday night market starts, I’d take them to The Zoo or Te Papa – something that opens their minds a bit.

Who do you admire and why? 

I admire a lot of people, but Jimi Hendrix is a firm favourite in our family.

What’s a song that sums up your life?

Easy.  Perfect Day – Lou Reed.