Richard Falkner

It was when I was going through Facebook photos trying to find one for this article that I realised just how cool Richard Falkner really is. I’m going to let him tell y’all… Continue reading

Hayden and Andy.

  OK I first came across these dudes when they made films as part of Moffilaide – a 48 Hour Film Competition team who were/are a big part of the Wellington competition. They’re… Continue reading


1) As always, the basics: name and what you tell people you do when you get asked at a party Hilaire Carmody, I always ask them which hat they want to know more about, my… Continue reading

Rachel Rouge from The Menagerie

Rachel is a top-notch woman who does some amazing things. She’s been a burlesque performer for over 10 years and is an active and hugely valued member of the Wellington arts scene. She… Continue reading


Aurynn is one of those people who you meet and are simply blown away by their presence, brains and all round awesomeness. She has a website, The Particular Finest where you can read more about… Continue reading

Lou Draper

Lou runs Wellington’s dedicated no-bull PR agency, Loud In Public. As a publicist, she’s pretty up with stuff going around town (and is also a super lovely, busy lady with a lot of cool… Continue reading

Rosie of WUFF

The Wellington Underground Film Festival started a couple of years ago and has since grown from strength to strength. We chat to Rosie, the energetic, passionate founder about running a festival for “original,… Continue reading

Lake + Linsell from Poor Sailors Arts Collective

The Poor Sailors Arts Collective started a few years ago and have since been working on projects in all sorts of areas. Their most recent, NZ Idle can be seen on The Wireless. As always, let’s start with the… Continue reading

Vanessa and Ruth from Useful Media

  Vanessa and Ruth are two ladies doing amazing things in the film industry (and everything else besides). As well as working on the feature film How to Meet Girls From a Distance together, they… Continue reading

Matt Benton

First off, name and what you say you do when someone asks you at a party? Matthew Benton aka Mowgli aka The Sensual Hornographer. I say “Im a Baritone Saxophonist”, which is almost… Continue reading