Jay Brooker

Let’s start with the basics: name and what you say you do when you meet someone at a party? My name is Jay, but it’s not my legal first name, cos I don’t… Continue reading

Nathan Mudge

  1. All right, let’s do the basics first: name/ where do you work/what you do when you’re not working? Hello! My name is Nathan. I’m a freelance actor so I work all… Continue reading

Izzy Lomax

Izzy is one of those people who’s energy always amazes me. Currently working with the Green Party, she also volunteers at the Wellington Women’s Refuge AND studies Linguistics. She’s also pretty damn cool… Continue reading

Cherry from Matchbox

Encompassing a gallery space, workshop space AND a retail store, Matchbox has fast become a mainstay on Cuba Street. We’re lucky enough to get Cherry Holahan, one of the co-founder of Matchbox Studio… Continue reading

Phil Cook

Often found at Goldings Free Dive, Phil Cook is a beer blogger, normal-cloth-wearing cyclist and all-round┬álovely guy who will happily talk beer in all it’s forms with you for as long as you… Continue reading

Pinky Fang

Pinky Fang is one-sixth of a girl gang a lot of people want to belong to, draws adorable kitties (and for me, a pig) and knows things about baby carrots that will change… Continue reading

Jean Sergent

Seriously, is there anything Jean Sergent can’t do? Not only is she a very active member of the Wellington theatre scene (you may┬áhave seen her performing with the wonderful Bacchanals at BATS recently),… Continue reading

Daniel Boobyer

Daniel Boobyer once described his music as being akin to that of a 2000-year-old hurricane caught in a blues musical. As well as playing a variety of instruments, he’s the kind of guy… Continue reading

A Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Kelly, the founder of this here website (gosh, founder sounds very serious) and I thought I would put a post up so you can see what it looks like and learn… Continue reading